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3 Critical Mistakes Business Owners Make

When I first started coaching, I had BIG dreams about the money I’d make and the lives I’d change.

Unfortunately, after two full years of being in business I was making mistakes:
  • Working all the time — 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Not making the kind of money I wanted.
  • Not spending nearly enough time with my family.
  • Not helping others improve their lives.
  • Not living the incredible life I’d imagined when I first decided to strike out on my own.

business mistakesAt the time, I had no idea what I was doing wrong. I was working constantly — shouldn’t all of that hard work be reflected in my bank account?

Looking back now, I can see so clearly what I was doing wrong…

Mistake #1: I was a perfectionist.

I wanted things done perfectly or not at all. I knew in my mind what I wanted my opt-in videos, website, and newsletters to be like, and I refused to put anything out into the world until it was perfect. The result? I never put anything out into the world — period.

Mistake #2: I suffered from Entrepreneurial ADD.

I’d be working on my website when I’d get an email about participating in a summit. I’d start working on the summit application when I’d get a call about writing a guest blog. I’d start writing the guest blog when I’d get distracted with updating my Facebook page. By the end of each day I’d have begun dozens of projects and finished zero.

Mistake #3: I always thought I needed to know more than I did.

I never felt like I was “ready” to take action. I felt like I always needed to know more, learn more, and prepare more before I could actually move forward. As a result, I stayed in “research mode” and never moved into “working CEO mode.”

The Solution: Improve Productivity.

Easier said than done, right?

After struggling for more than two years I finally said “enough is enough.” Something isn’t working, and I’m going to go broke if I don’t figure out what it is.

Going on an intuition, I had a feeling that the root of my business troubles was my lack of productivity. I figured that if I could identify and then actually complete the important tasks, goals, and projects on my to-do list, my business would move forward and I would finally be profitable.

So I focused ALL of my attention on becoming more productive. And that’s when I developed my “Get It Done!” Process — a methodology that I use over and over again to reach my goals, finish my projects, and cross tasks off my list.

I worked on identifying the following;
  • My strengths and weaknesses as a CEO, in what I refer to as my “CEO Success Style” (click here for the free report).
  • Prioritizing the projects and goals that are most important and necessary to focus on.
  • Project planning techniques that would allow me to complete the important tasks.
And let me just tell you, the results were POWERFUL. Now, this is what my life and business look like:
  • I attract my ideal clients.
  • I’m making more money while working less.
  • My weekends are MINE.
  • I spend plenty of time with my family.
  • I’m living the fulfilled, exciting life I imagined when I first started my coaching business.

business helpIt all started with figuring out who I was as a CEO- what I did well and what I was doing that, well, wasn’t so great.  Grab your free copy of one of my number 1 business success tools: Learn The One Mindset Trick Guaranteed To Take You From Busy and Broke to Consistently Creating Cash flow.

Share your productivity tips and let me know if you have any questions!