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At the People Strategy Studio, we partner to build the bridge between daily business needs, growth, trends, technological advances and changing demands of people and skills while mitigating the triple constraints of cost, time and quality to accelerate performance, productivity and, ultimately, optimize the bottom line.

Kim Keefe Pisolkar

Speaker | Strategist | Facilitator | Coach

Kim is the CEO and Founder of People Strategy Studio. She leans on her 15+ years of human resources, organization development, sales and business development experience to support business leaders in increasing sales, improving systems to achieve optimum efficiency, and solving organizational and leadership challenges.

Kim works with leaders incorporate structure and systems into their business so that they hire and retain the best talent, delegate effectively, differentiate themselves in a crowded market place, allocate marketing dollars effectively and automate and simplify processes and systems to maximize resources utilization.

As a result, her clients stop running in circles with the day-to-day operations and rapidly increase performance, productivity and profits. Her clients have experienced increases in revenue  while reducing their time on “firefighting” to focus on strategic initiatives.

Kim has worked with publicly and privately held companies in the consumer products, food and financial services industries and has experience in both corporate and manufacturing environments. She is a creative, systems thinker who her clients count on for innovative ideas to set their businesses apart from the competition and accelerate their growth. Kim has the ability to assess complex situations and ideas, simplify them and identify appropriate solutions. She is particularly skilled at program design and implementation and has designed upward feedback, performance management, succession planning and talent engagement and retention programs and processes.

Kimberly Pisolkar | People Strategy Studio | Corporate Consultant & Coach


In 2012, Kim was a contributing author in the Amazon #1 Bestselling Book, “Women Living Consciously”, where she shares how surviving her “perfect storm” of job loss, cancer, infertility struggles, and being diagnosed with ADD was the impetus for her to stop playing small and start playing into what was possible. 

Kim is a credentialed coach with the International Coaching Federation. She has a Master of Arts degree in Human Resources Management from the University of Minnesota, a Bachelor of Science degree from Lemoyne College and has received an Advanced Certificate in Organizational Development from Columbia University.

With over 15years of experience working with top-level executives in Fortune 100 companies, Kim knows what it takes to increase sales, improve systems to achieve optimum efficiency, and solve organizational and leadership challenges.

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Michelle Guinane

Facilitator | Strategist | Coach

Michelle Keefe Guinane is Executive Vice President of Organizational Development & Learning at People Strategy Studio, which helps people and organizations optimize their potential while making work more flexible, simple and fun.

She has over 20 years experience working for and with Fortune 500 companies (union and non-union) as well as non-profits and higher education, serving in domestic and global leadership roles where she focused on change management, human performance, career development, talent management, progression and transition, strategic planning, diversity, communications, and leadership and team development. She has successfully lead multi-million dollar global projects as well as played the lead change role in mergers, acquisitions and culture change.

Her background in supporting Customer Service, Engineering, Headquarters, IT, Manufacturing, Operations, Sales & Marketing, IT, and Compliance brings forth a solid foundation of client-focused solutions.

Michelle is a forward systems thinker who drives creativity and passion into her work. She is able to translate complex ideas and processes into non-technical terms to reach the various audiences of any given project. She is often called upon to design, develop and deliver innovative programs and processes that align and work together as one.

Michelle Guinane


Michelle’s diverse background and experiences help provide a unique perspective as well as agility to best serve clients in achieving their objectives collaboratively.

Michelle received a bachelor’s degree from LeMoyne College in Syracuse, NY and a master’s degree in OD & Learning from The George Washington University in Washington, DC.

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