We help make the big plan come together. Our main focus is on 5 core capabilities using the PSS 5 Step System to integrate the business strategy and people strategy, confirm the executive leadership team design, employ effective change management and develop effective adaptable leaders who can reclaim many hours per month to focus on growing the business and consistently achieve big success.


We help organizations ensure they are flexible and nimble as they address the big issues. Having the wrong strategy or the right strategy without the right skills to drive it can be devastating. Having no strategy is worse. We work to focus your growth and performance goals for maximum impact.

Having a plan and having a strategy are not one in the same. A plan will focus on short-term goals while a strategy is focused upon long-term goals. We often feel that “strategy should achieve the accuracy and predictive power of cost-planning – in other words, it should be nearly perfect. But given that strategy is primarily about revenue rather than cost, perfection is an impossible standard. At it’s very best, therefore, strategy shortens the odds of a company’s bets. Managers must internalize that fact if they are not to be intimidated by the strategy-making process.” (Source: Harvard Business Review)

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We build your PEOPLE STRATEGY backwards from your growth and performance goals so that your business strategy and your people strategy work together as one. And should there be any gaps, close them.

Research tells us that hidden biases and barriers cost corporate America over $64 billion per year in employee turnover and that successful companies put the right people with the right skills in the right jobs.

(Source: NCWIT – “Women in Tech: The Facts.”)


We partner to see if the leadership team design helps or hinders your larger strategy, to include the people strategy. Broadening or flattening the traditional hierarchy often leaves people confused as well as experiencing difficulty to operate.  As the organization grows and changes, it’s time to challenge us in terms of how our structure works for or against us.

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We help lead through any change …and we know change is inevitable. Change has several components and the skill of people to lead through it is one that cannot be underestimated. We work to ensure all components are effectively addressed and measurements are in place to determine progress against the plan. Our change framework is constructed in modules to allow for different types of change initiatives. We work to ensure the change becomes part of the fabric of your business.


We combine cutting edge research and current trends with your people strategy to create compelling and relevant learning and processes to drive organizational success. From hiring and talent and team development, to diversity and cultural competence and on to succession, and leadership to remote teaming and generational differences, focused leadership development is designed for your needs.

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