Bill Hennig Jr

“Kim is an amazingly effective coach and brings a rare mix of kindness and compassion for her clients along with the ability to identify, and cut through the barriers that most people have to their success. She holds you accountable, but leaves you with the hope and tools necessary to make real breakthroughs and achieve the better life you are seeking through success in your business as well as your personal life. She has certainly helped us and is a highly valued partner in our success.”

Bill Hennig JrSenior Managing Partner, Dream Team Business Architects
Raeeka Yaghmai

“Kim is an amazing coach. As a coach, even coaches need coaching sometimes. I had a situation at work which was making me anxious and not to mention fearful. Kim’s questions guided me in a direction to see another perspective, as a result step into my CEO power and within 30 minutes after our coaching, my situation was not only resolved but also taken to a win-win situation level. Kim’s coaching ROCKED my world”.

Raeeka YaghmaiCEO of inTact Coaching
Brad M. Micklin Esq.

“I had the benefit and pleasure of having Kim as my personal coach. As an attorney and small business owner, I have a lot of stress and issues to manage. Kim was an extraordinary coach. She was insightful and persistent; 2 things necessary to keep me on track. More importantly, I really felt she truly cared about what she does and was interested in helping.

Kim and her method of coaching is one I recommend to everyone. Whether or not coaching “is your thing”, Kim is certainly one of the best out there and you should try her coaching.”

Brad M. Micklin Esq.Managing Member, The Micklin Law Group
Sheila Solari

I met Kim at a workshop and immediately liked her calm, easy style. I realized she knew a lot about coaching and started asking her questions. I hired her to help me with my lack of direction and focus toward a career path at this point in my life. She carefully listens and figures out what inspires and challenges me. There’s always an “ah-ha moment during our session. Kim inspires me to make better choices for myself and in doing so, I chose a path I feel great about and is aligned with my values, strengths and long term goals.

As a result of working with Kim, I am now more confident with the path I am on and while still growing, I see that I have come a long way from the beginning when I was frustrated and unsure where to start. I believe Kim can help just about anybody with their goals because of her deep understanding of how to guide and support others in a very honest way.

Sheila SolariReal Estate Investor and Entrepreneur
Hugo X. Carvajal

I am very glad I made the investment to hire Kim as my coach. In my business there are many ups and downs that can make it very difficult to succeed but she helped me maintain accountability with the end goal in sight. She knows exactly how to ask the right questions when I express my emotional roller coaster that I go through on a daily basis. It’s been 3 months and I can sincerely say that I can be openly honest with any issues I am dealing with and she helps me overcome it. She has helped me take my business to the next level and will continue to do. I recommend her to anyone wanting to do the same!

Hugo X. CarvajalCDFA, Registered Representative, Emerald Financial Resources
Sofie Berga

Kim has many qualities you might desire in a coach. She is great at listening and asking constructive questions. She will hand observations back to you in conversations, helping you make realizations about your own nature and where you are headed. She has great warmth and is very approachable even over the phone. I would love to meet her in person one day.

Kim also has great insights into marketing and sales. She has helped me approach sales in a whole new way, making the process a learning experience about my customers and more fun for me. I actually got to a point where it didn’t feel like I was selling, but just doing market research.

I highly recommend Kim to anyone looking for a startup/ business coach! Thank you for everything Kim!!

Sofie BergaCEO Educasia, Inc. and Creator of the Bastion Adventure Series
Carol R.

“I am so thankful to have had Kim as my coach and for the tremendous difference her coaching made for me in my life. Kim has this natural ability to get me out of my head, bring me back to the issues at hand, reconnect to my commitment and confidently move forward with my personal and professional goals.”

Carol R.Life Coach